Precision all round
– with every turn of the roll.

Precision all round.

More than 75 years ago the founders of Hefner & Schäfer OHG first began repairing rubber tubes and tires in the center of Stuttgart. From modest beginnings in a garage workshop emerged a dynamically growing company for rolls and polymer roll covers. Word soon got around about the high product benefits in many branches of industry and the technical expertise, spreading far beyond the city and national borders. Since 1979, SchäferRolls GmbH & Co. KG has been headquartered in Renningen, Southern Germany. From there and from other international locations, the third-generation family-owned company acts as a global player. And still everything revolves around the roll.

Experience and technical excellence. Unlocking opportunity.

At SchäferRolls your needs come first. From the very beginning, customer benefit has been the primary focus in the development and production of our rolls and roll covers. The high professional standard and constructive cooperation of our entire workforce are key to the quality of our products at all locations. From entrepreneurial thinking, strong commitment and technical expertise grows the proficiency to create the ideal roll system for every industry, application and task. Reflection and innovation, responsibility and courage lead the way. That’s how we roll! For 75 years and for the future.

Always visionary.
Research and development.

Customer needs are our drive for the future. Because every customer request of tomorrow is already today a welcome challenge for a comprehensive roll system service. Our commitment to research and development guarantees innovations. This is ensured by our development and technology departments, modern plant technology, and partners from the field of science. The desire to justify and to build on the ever-growing trust in our technological competence is our constant incentive. SchäferRolls is pioneering new roll system applications, developing markets, and ensuring that it is prepared for future challenges. We are constantly re-thinking roll systems in all their diversity.

Our core technology:
The rolls.

In all their diversity: There is no format, hardly any chemical, physical, or thermal requirement that SchäferRolls cannot meet or develop for roll systems. Rolls from a few centimeters to 15 meters in length, two meters in diameter, and 90 tons in weight, SchäferRolls manufactures for every segment and uses more than 1,200 cover compounds. For this purpose, our mixing plant processes raw materials of the highest quality. We specialize in designing the perfect rolls for the requirement at hand and also offer a full service.

All-round care.
The entire spectrum.

Full service from the very beginning, from application engineering and manufacturing to start-up and maintenance. That’s what keeps the rolls turning. As innovative problem solvers, we develop roll systems in close partnership with those who employ them. We visit our customers on site, familiarize ourselves with plants and processes, and ensure optimum function with bespoke roll covers. Where our roll systems are in use, SchäferRolls accompanies the entire product life cycle with technical expertise.

Global presence for our customers.
A multi-location approach.

Technical expertise conceived globally: Proximity to the customer, their processes, and their production facilities is essential. To be able to act flexibly and quickly, SchäferRolls’ production facilities cover more than 30,000 m² at five locations. In addition to the Renningen headquarters with research and development as well as material compounding, SchäferRolls has been manufacturing for the Eastern European market in Brnik, Slovenia, since 2001. In 2008 and 2018, it added the two U.S. locations Farmington in New Hampshire and Covington in Virginia. SchäferRolls also operates under the Nowack brand in Spenge, North Rhine-Westphalia. Our rolls are in action worldwide.

Answering your individual needs with individual solutions.

Worldwide, our engineering solutions roll across a broad range of industries. They are indispensable in the production and further processing of foil and film, wood and furniture, metal, paper, textiles, and tissue as well as numerous other products. Roll systems and covers from SchäferRolls are used globally in all these production fields. A made-to-measure requirement profile and long service life distinguish their high value. With maximum process reliability and reproducibility, SchäferRolls offers bespoke solutions for every conceivable use, designed for peak performance.

Hand in hand.
That’s how we roll.

Peak performance, every day. All thanks to our staff of around 300 qualified, highly motivated employees. With their roll system expertise, their commitment to perfection and their willingness to take responsibility, they are the engine of our company. They guarantee the high quality of our products and services. Our national and international success is down to each and every individual. Coming from different cultures and industries, what unifies them is their identification with the philosophy and goals of our company. SchäferRolls is built on the uniqueness of each individual and the diversity of the experience they bring.

SchäferRolls stands for quality and expertise,
flexibility, and precision from a single source.

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