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SRMSthe digital passport for your rollers
SchäferRolls and countroll® form a strategic alliance

The countroll® Roller Management Platform developed by Hannecard offers an innovative solution for managing the digital identities of industrial rollers. Users can access the platform via their smartphones (iOS & Android) or PCs, giving them real-time access to their roller histories, technical documents and location management, as well as the seamless exchange of roller information.

The partnership began in December 2021 with five interested customers, and the benefits of using the SRMS were immediately apparent to everyone involved. When used in conjunction with the countroll® platform, the SRMS rapidly increases the efficiency of production facilities, significantly minimises downtimes and reduces costs while also improving product quality.

The SchäferRolls Management Service includes a range of support services, including assistance with the commissioning of countroll®, guidance for getting started with the application, on-site or online training, instruction on the use of countroll® BT sensors, weak point analysis, support with customised dashboard creation and a professional customer hotline, which is available during normal business hours.

The user-oriented roller management dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the condition of the machine rollers based on digital roller documentation. It uses the customer’s individual machine layout to inform the maintenance team in good time if and when certain rollers need replacing. The countroll® software therefore enables customers to plan downtime efficiently and avoid unexpected interruptions to operations.

In addition, the roller management dashboard integrates the data from the countroll® nip-sensor (nip width, crown correction, time stamp) and the countroll® rotation sensor. The patented countroll® rotation sensor collects key data, including rotations, acceleration, deceleration, speed fl uctuations and vibrations. Data is transmitted to the countroll® platform using long-range Bluetooth technology (BT), providing information in real time.

Development of the countroll® platform began in 2018. At present, it contains information for more than 70,000 industrial rollers. It is available for both iOS and Android and is supported in seven languages (German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Polish and Russian).

The partnership between countroll® and SchäferRolls promises to increase effi ciency, reduce costs and improve the quality of roll management for industrial operations. For further enquiries, please contact your SchäferRolls sales partner.

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